09 May

India Engineering

First things first. After a long time I attended a class that was truly inspiring, really refreshing and pleasantly effective. Thanks much for creating a “cultured setting” where learning happened while having fun. The many who showed promise and improvement, I believe, will move ahead not only by learning the basics that you presented with a telling effect but also by remembering the many anecdotal references you cited to correlate the basics and real situations. At least that is what I believe I learnt.

If a few did not reach out to the message you conveyed despite your emphasis both gently and once in a while rubbing it in, I would view it as their time to look at themselves seriously has not yet come. I have read and personally experienced that the ordinary become extraordinary in the hands of masters. Aspects related to communication, rapport building and the value of looking into eyes, seemed to me so in your class.

While I never question the utility of solid and effective communication and its possibility, the role the peripheral things play in them, you highlighted really well. I believe if I learnt a lot, the first time trainees and others who are aspiring to move ahead must have learnt even more. Overall, the three batches that have attended your class in Tektronix Engineering Development (India) Private Limited so far, have only positive things to tell. Your training was truly professional and done with conviction. Great job from you, and a good find for us.

On a personal level: Your class was one of multidimensional learning. I learnt a few things about good English, the value of gentle and soft music as interludes (an aspect of creativity), citing of spiritually oriented things as relevant to the task on hand, quoting some authors who I respect a lot and most importantly presenting them all in a way like the patterns blend in a well done quilt. And not to forget you did it in a class of engineers. Not once you appeared you were name dropping to impress. All of this really made it a “cultural setting” for learning, and learning well.

Dr Sumathi, I value having known you.

Tektronix Engineering Development (India) Private Limited

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