09 May

Strides Acrolab

I am writing this to thank you for the excellent training program (“Train the Trainer”) you had conducted for us last month. Despite all my 20+ years of experience in the Indian Navy and the Corporate world, I found the three day workshop extremely useful & rewarding. I came back from the course wondering that there’s never a limit to one’s learning & especially in the business of communicating effectively – be it for training or for normal business.

Besides the various techniques of training that you had trained us on, I thought the best learning came from watching you conduct the training. While several of us were searching for words to speak in a three minute window, I was impressed by your ability to keep talking continuously for three days, quickly switching topics, narrating experiences, posing questions & keeping the audience enthralled throughout.

To me, the best take away from the program was the opportunity to watch a master communicator at work & I hope I have been able to imbibe some of the skills that you so effectively demonstrated.

Thank you once again. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Strides Arcolab Limited

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