06 Aug

Mahindra & Mahindra

Dear Madam,
At the outset, I extend my Best wishes to you for the wonderful training session conducted by you.
mahindra-mahindra-ccmcYour sincerity, determination, unflinching devotion to work and tenacity of purpose are exemplary and will go a long way in rekindling the fire to excel in others. Your achievements speak volumes of your mettle and prowess. It is a prod to pride for others, who must now muster enough strength to match your lofty standards.
I have discerned your equipoise to be your greatest asset. To train others needs an abundant reserve of patience, calmness and composure and above all the ability to empathize with them. These qualities have catapulted you to the dizzy heights of professional success. This is an awesome achievement.
I thank you profusely for your utterly encouraging words that will do all of us in the organization a world of good, revivifying our spirits and reinvigorating us to scale newer heights, no matter how challenging the summit. Your enthusiasm was electrifying and contagious and we all felt the positive vibes you exuded.

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