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    NLP Masters - August 2022


    NFNLP Masters Certification course is focused on giving you the skills of waking hypnosis, how to use NLP and hypnosis without formal trance. Gaining direct access into a person's subconscious processing abilities is the key to getting self and others to get what is needed.

    August 20,21,27 & 28, 2022
    (32 hours + Home study)
    Timings | 9.30 am to 5.30 pm IST

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    NLP Basic | July-Aug 22

    NFNLP Certified Basic Practitioner Online Workshop | July-Aug 2022

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP is the science of excellence.
    It offers practical and rapid methods for personal growth and influence. It is the study of
    how people do things, how they think, process information, behave and aboutusing
    what works and discarding what does not.

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